TeamSolid Team League 1

TeamSolid vs. Woodpeckers

Organizaiton & Rules

  • Chatcannel „TeamSolid“
  • Date 17.06.2012 18:00 CET

This should be obvious:

  • No Flaming, no Offense, etc.
  • Play as good as you can. Do not loose a game on purpose.
  • Surrender if it is obvious that you have lost. Do not retard a game.
  • No cheating, do not give playing teammates hints or similar. Do not stream cheat.
  • Have fun.
  • Good luck.
  • g.g.
  • qq
  • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)
  • foo bar


  1. serojananda, „seroja“, Gold, Terran
  2. npkrol, Gold, Protoss
  3. VovanZzZurka, „Vovan“, Platinum, Zerg
  4. Sagara, Gold, Terran
  5. Cavil, Gold, Protoss


Format / Mode

  • 1vs.1
  • Best-of-Nine
  • The first Player is set by the Teams
  • Before a Player plays a second time, all other Players (of that team) had to play at least once.
  • The winning Team sets the next Player, than the other team disides who playes against him.
  1. serojananda vs. Greenhero
  2. VovanZzZurka vs. Craig
  3. Cavil vs. OnionSheep
  4. Sagara vs. aeli
  5. npkrol vs. mogoh
  6. serojananda vs. kraytos
  7. npkrol vs. Tenebrarum
  8. Sagara vs. Greenhero

Map Pool

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